Android-app (BSK.apk)

The purpose of the Android app is to provide an information channel to the operation of Blekinge student union. This in hope of raising awareness about the organisation foremost among students, but is freely available for anyone to use.

Get involved

You have a number of ways to get involved in this project. You can either e-mail us through, add/comment/fix things on our issue-tracker or why not give a go at extending the code yourself (we’re working on getting the central repo up, keep tight)?


Currently, the following few things will grant a more stable base for the development and maintaining of the application:

* A central repo

Download the latest published version from Android Market

Here’s a QR tag for those of you starving for things to scan:

QR tag linking to the Blekinge student union Android app

Android app QR tag

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    […] The purpose of this Android app is to provide an information channel to the operations of Blekinge student union. The app collects information and presents it in a tight format suited for mobile devices. What the app can do* Subscribe and unsubscribe to feeds, containing news and events, that are connected to various sections of Blekinge student union.* Allow you to get in contact with the presiding body of Blekinge student union Permissions* The application requires an internet connection to work in order to fetch information to present.* The application requires allowing to place phonecalls in order to make certain items, such as a phone number in a list, interactive. The application will not place a call or use any other mobile network services unless you actively tap a phone number. The Blekinge student union Android app project* […]

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