B-D (or Bacula-Digest) is an attempt to make Bacula the network backup solution a bit better. B-D will act as an interface between Bacula job control and the message sending part of Bacula. The reason for doing this is that Bacula tend to be a bit chatty from time to time.

The basic idea is that an administrator do not need to know when the job was perfectly fine executed, Bacula offers the solution to not send mail at all. That would prevent even the messages an administrator do want, when the job did not execute correct. The aim in B-D is to take all messages and check if they indicate that all was OK or not. If OK the message is not sent but saved to later and when all schedueled jobs are finished we send a single mail with one line of information for each job. The failing jobs however we do want to send immediatley AND store and include for later.

The background documentation can be found in the SIS wiki and the code is pretty verbose in comments and can be found in the mercurial repository at http://hg.sis.bthstudent.se.

As of now B-D does not really do anything useful. It will only pass forward the command as usual but there have been some progress in the project and we hope to be able to wrap things up soon. It do look promising, check out the wiki page for a simple instruction of how to try it out.