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This page and the code here is not maintained anymore. It’s kept for historic purposes, we do not use Trac anymore.

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For Firefox/Seamonkey/Iceweasel you can download this file ( and extract it in correct directory as stated below.

In the case of Internet Explorer 7+ and Google Chrome you can use the forms linked below, use the following URL as base. The target is to append the “search term” (ie. a number) at the end of it.


Firefox 2+ (and derived work, Seamonkey and such) stores the plugins to your installations directory in Windows, something like C:program filesMozilla FirefoxsearchPlugin.
For Linux (and probably other unixes) it’s located in the profile dir  at~/.mozilla/firefox/[random]/searchplugins/. And for MacOS the path would be Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/[random]/searchplugins/ .
Internet Explorer 7+ use the form here. (se info above).
Google Chrome with this guide it’s a no brainer to modify the searches.
Opera no support for OpenSearch?
Safari no support for OpenSearch?